Updated: Oct 6, 2021

“Come With Me If You Want To Live” was recorded in a three week blast of rock ‘n’ roll inspiration summer 2019. It showcases two of the world’s hardest working musical talents collaborating at the top of their games with an ocean between them.

Conceived in Los Angeles, U.S.A. by award-winning writer, producer & vocalist Jesse Blaze (formerly of Baptized By Fire) and engineered & produced from Cape Town, South Africa by singer/songwriter Michael Naranjo (former One Day Remains), the album consists of twelve dynamic hard rockers, running all over the mixed rock genre, sampling from Blues, Nu-Metal, Southern Rock & everything in between.

For years, Michael Naranjo searched for an artist who could help him show people what he could do as a producer, at the same time, Jesse Blaze searched for a producer who could help him show people what he could do as an artist.

Now, you get to listen.

Together is better, but separate is nearly just as sweet! Search “JESSE BLAZE” and “MICHAEL NARANJO” wherever you listen to music to find two excellent, extensive & consistent catalogues of musical works.